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Why Mother’s Day Can Be Hard

Why Mother’s Day Can Be Hard

I was born on Mother’s Day. I know this holiday is hard on some people — especially those who are in foster care or whose moms have passed on. It’s also hard for those who have difficult relationships with their mothers. Maybe you have a mom suffering with dementia or mental illness. One of the things about Sam Bracken that astonished me was that he was able to forgive his mother despite the fact that she abandoned him when he was just 15 years old. His obvious love and genuine care for her shone through as he spoke about her when we were working on the book. He forgave her from the heart and in the last years of her life, he experienced reconciliation with her.

No matter how old you get and how much your mother has disappointed you or hurt you, there is still a place in the heart that only a mother can touch. My prayers and thoughts go out to all of my friends who have either lost their moms or have a troubled relationship with their moms. May you find moms of the heart who nurture you and feed your souls.

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