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Voices from those Who Were in Foster Care

Voices from those Who Were in Foster Care

Singer/songwriter Kevin Montgomery kicked off a 50 States in 50 Days Tour on August 24 to raise awareness of Orange Duffel Bag Foundation www.ODBF.org. He and Ruth Trimble, a singer/keyboardist from Belfast, Ireland, performed in every state — typically in house concerts. Kevin also did interviews with people who had either aged out of foster care or been involved with helping teens in foster care. The grueling tour wrapped up in October.


Take a few moments to watch the first interview he’s posted from the 2012 tour. Kevin wrote this entry on his Facebook page: This is the first interview that i’ve posted from this year’s 50 States in 50 Days tour. Richard was invited to the show by the host Chuck Bedwell. They coach football together. Chuck had no idea he had been in foster care. Richard sat alone in the back, and I noticed him crying when I showed the video from the 2010 50 States tour…..he approached me after the show and complimented what we were doing. I asked if I could interview him. He was told he would never graduate. He was not allowed to play sports because he was a foster kid…….yet did both eventually. Truly inspiring, and I think a God’s wink moment.

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