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On the Road to Help Teens in Foster Care

On the Road to Help Teens in Foster Care

Sometimes when you grow up in the same house with someone, you don’t necessarily know them. I’m five years older than my sis Dee Dee Cooley and eight years older than my brother Kevin Montgomery. We weren’t close as kids, but now as adults we’ve found each other. I respect and love both of them so much. One of the greatest honors of my life was when my brother called me two summers ago and told me he’d read my book and loved it. More importantly, he got our cause — to help kids aging out of foster care and homeless kids — and wanted to help. I was thrilled when he told me he wanted to make Orange Duffel Bag Foundation his charity partner. In 2010 he dedicated his 50 States in 50 Days tour to our cause. In every state he did a house concert or played in a small venue and managed to video tape a kid who had aged out of foster care or an adult who was doing something extraordinary to help kids who desperately need it. That odyssey was grueling but it yielded moving video that gave a powerful snapshot of the barriers kids are facing all over the nation. Now he’s launching the next 50 States in 50 Days Tour in exactly one week. Several concerts aren’t yet booked. We need your help. Please check out the Roadmap and get in touch if you’ve got ideas. Hey, this is about the kids. Let’s make it a success: http://www.kevinmontgomery.com/2012/04/10/the-roadmap-for-the-2012-50-states-in-50-days-tour-rescheduled-host-a-house-concert-get-involved/


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