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No Sibling Rivalry Here

No Sibling Rivalry Here

I’ve written books since the early 1990s. When I’m working on a project, I always share it with family and friends. My brother Kevin Montgomery hadn’t really said much about My Orange Duffel Bag – A Journey to Radical Change until one summer day before we released it as a self published book in September 2010. He called me up and told me he’d been blown away and was devoting his annual 50 State in 50 Days Tour to the Orange Duffel Bag Foundation, which I co-founded and spent the last two years of my life running as the unpaid president of the nonprofit.

My brother, who doesn’t have a degree as a journalist, stunned me with his interviewing skills and his deep caring for the homeless teens and kids who have aged out of foster care that he filmed while on the road. He kept a grueling schedule. He will be launching his next 50 States in 50 Days Tour with ODBF as the charity partner on August 24 in Wasilla, Alaska, which has one of the highest rates of homeless teens per capita in the nation. Here’s the roadmap for Kevin’s tour.

This time he’ll have a UK film crew in tow, chronicling what’s happening with foster care in America along with this unique tour.

Now my little brother has come through in a big way. He’s determined to help push our book up the bestseller list, because he knows that awareness of our cause translates to more young people’s lives being transformed. We are on the eve of Crown Archetype publishing our book with 60,000 copies. ODBF will be on a national platform with our life plan coaching program. Kevin has rallied friends and acquaintances to support the re-launch of our book, which is the only self-published book Crown Archetype has ever acquired. I met Sam Bracken 7 years ago today. We’ve been on quite a journey together — putting together a project that we hope will transform lives and give hope where none existed. Thank you, Kevin, and all of my many friends, family and family of the heart who have helped spread the word, volunteered with our kids, purchased books and given them to kids who needed them and offered encouragement when we grew weary. I love you all and am deeply grateful.

Meanwhile, here are two powerful blogs written by fans of my brother’s who are now fans of our work with ODBF and of the book:

Why I Love My Orange Duffel Bag (and You Will, Too)

John Terry’s blog puts so much in perspective when you think about the fact that most kids in foster care age out at 18.

Why I kicked my 18-year-old son out of the house

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