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Emotional Clearing

Emotional Clearing

Over the last year and a half, Kevin and I have been seeing Dr. Carl Amodio (@DrCarlAmodio) of Whole Body Health (http://www.wholebodyhealth.org/) in Roswell, GA, for some health issues. Kevin deals with chronic pain since being in an auto accident several years ago. Dr. Carl is one of only 50 applied kinesiologists in the country to achieve the ranking of diplomate. He’s also a chiropractor. We’re now working on a book together, because I’ve never met anyone like him in terms of healing. Every time I see him, I learn something new, and I consider myself a knowledgeable person when it comes to alternative health.

Dr. Carl approaches the body from a holistic perspective — emotionally, nutritionally and structurally. I’m learning so much about how our emotions are so tied in with what goes on with us physically. He does a neuro-emotional clearing technique that has done remarkable things for us. Just this week I felt like I could hardly breathe and felt constriction underneath my left shoulder blade. My yoga practice and Zumba did nothing to decrease the pain, so I went to see Dr. Carl. I’d been under a lot of stress the last few weeks, and so I wasn’t surprised when his testing found that there was an emotional root to my pain. I described a current situation that I thought was the culprit. The emotion was affecting my lungs, and what he found was grief. Given what the situation had brought up in my mind that diagnosis made perfect sense.

Then he found that my grief was connected to a prior event. A muscle test of my body told him that it was an event that occurred when I was age 38. As soon as he said it, I knew exactly what he was talking about. That’s when I learned that I’d gone through premature, trauma-induced menopause at age 33 and subsequently went through five years of misdiagnosis from different doctors. Although my husband and I already had two beautiful sons, learning that I could never have any more children was an emotional shock as was the way the doctor broke the news: “You look great on the outside, but your reproductive organs are like an 80-year-old woman’s.”

Nice. In that instant, I felt old, undesirable and confused. I’d experienced weight gain, irritability, lethargy and all the symptoms of menopause, but menopause hadn’t even come up in my mind as a possibility. None of my friends were going through it, so I had no frame of reference. Adding to my insecurity during that period was a comment from a woman who was leading the ministry at the church I was attending at the time. She informed me that I was the leader of the “fat, frumpy” women’s Bible study group. My self-image was assaulted.

Sometimes it really is all in our heads. Our minds are like computers, and an event or relationship can trigger a file folder to open. When that file folder holds a negative emotion, it often manifests into something physical. In my case, it caused my ribs to spasm, go out of place and constrict my lungs – literally leaving me breathless with grief. In a matter of minutes, Dr. Carl took me through a simple emotional release technique that allowed me to delete that file. I am so glad that I knew about Dr. Carl, who also serves on the Board of the Orange Duffel Bag Foundation (www.ODBF.org). Otherwise I’d probably just endured the pain, or gone to a traditional doctor who would have prescribed anti-spasmodic medications – or worse – pain medications.

I’m all about getting to the heart of the matter, and I’m grateful to find a doctor who believes in the same principle.

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